Assembly Automation

There were almost 3 billion smartphones in the world in 2016 – and the figure is rising all the time. To cope with volumes of this level, massive manufacturing facilities are needed which produce around the clock, seven days a week. This is a challenge that can only be mastered using particularly reliable machines. The demands made of the hardware used in terms of reliability on the one hand and commercial competitiveness on the other are extremely tough. The 1-STEP-DRIVE stepper motor module developed for the SIMATIC ET200®S and fully integrated into the Siemens world, in combination with Phytron's phyBASIC stepper motors, does everything necessary in an automatic assembly machine reliably, without a single malfunction!

For manufacturers using Siemens automatic technology, the fully integrated 1-STEP-DRIVE or its successor, the TM-STEP-DRIVE for the ET 200 SP, offers considerable advantages in planning and commissioning, since no new subsystem technology needs to be learnt.

All HSP and GSD files needed for implementation in the TIA-Portal® or STEP®-7 are provided by Phytron.