If a product needs to be repaired please send the device to our service addresses - please consider the advice below:

1) Problem description:
A detailed problem description speeds up the service and repair process. Sometimes problems arise only in a special environment or application. The more detailed the description, the faster it can be solved.

2) Please name a contact for technical questions: 
Please tell us who to contact should we need additional technical details of your application - this will help us to shorten service duration.

3) Addresses:
Please send your phytron product directly to the specialised service department (electronics / motors). Our Service will inform you as soon as we know which actions are needed next.

Please do not forget to add a filled out Decontamination statement in case you ship back motors.

ELECTRONIC             MOTORS                         
(electronic products only )

                                      (motors, gearboxes, assemblies and
motor/electronic combinations)

Phytron GmbH
Weidegrund 10
Wareneingang Reparatur
82194 Gröbenzell

Phytron GmbH
Industriestr. 14
Wareneingang Reparatur
82194 Gröbenzell


4) How to get information on service / repair status and procedure
If there are questions on the procedure to follow or knowing the status of your product please contact your local representative. If they are unavailable and it is urgent please contact:

Hubert Rottach
Fon.: +49 8142 503-250
Fax: +49 8142 503-190