Precision. Reliability. High Dynamics.

Whether it's for positioning sensitive lenses in lasers or microscopes, the synchronised positioning and application of labels or for handling processes in post and package sorting centres  – outstanding, reliable running performances are essential at all times. Phytron's low-maintenance solutions are invaluable here, supporting companies worldwide in optimising their products and manufacturing processes.

Robust. Powerful. Reliable.

Robust design for environments up to IP 68 for use in food processing and the paper industry, for adjusting rotor blades in the aerospace industry or positioning scanners in deep drilling technology. In these and other applications where there are high temperatures, ambient pressures and vibration loads or contact with aggressive chemicals, Phytron's stepper motors and controls carry out their work precisely and reliably.

Accuracy. Reliability. Cleanliness.

Scientific experiments are projects which often have an uncertain outcome. The reliable solutions provided by Phytron are thus all the more important – for moving optical elements in measurement technology, for example, or for adjusting a mirror in a particle accelerator or transporting frozen samples in liquid nitrogen at below  -200°C. The combination of all sorts of extreme requirements is a challenge that Phytron also meets in the fields of optics and analysis technology with individual solutions, high levels of precision and the finest step resolution.

Wide Temperature Range. Minimised Outgassing Rates.

More than 30 years of experience and more than 500 Phytron motors in space. By using only ECSS-compliant materials and optimised design, Phytron's space-certified drives meet the demanding requirements for use in an ultra-high vacuum whilst ensuring optimised weight, low magnetic radiation, outstanding precision and extraordinary robustness. 

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Phytron Stepper Motor in James Webb Space Telescope

The James Webb Space Telescope developed by Space Agencies in Europe, USA and Canada is meant to research the oldest galaxies in the universe. On board is a Phytron geared stepper-motor specifically developed for cryogenic applications. The actuator drives the novel cryogenic refocusing mechanism (RMA) in the NIRSpec (Near Infrared Spectrograph).

Informational Document about the refocussing mechanism (RMA)

More about NIRSpec

Image of James Webb Space Telescopes in Space
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