Tufting Machines

In tufting, the production of three-dimensional textile surfaces, a pile yarn is inserted through a needle as a loop into the backing material, held by a gripper until the next needle penetration and finally trimmed off. The quality of the loop pile carpets or cut pile carpets (velour) made in this way depends largely on the yarn feed, the basic fabric tension, the stitching density and the length of the pile yarn threads or loops. Using high-performance electric drives from the phyBASIC series for the thread and backing material feed guarantees an even material flow in continuous operation. Here too, Phytron provides its customers with the "perfect fit" by supplying the drives with ready-mounted yarn rolls on the drive shaft, optimised at the moment of inertia.

For this multi-axis application, phyMOTION is the perfect alternative in terms of the control electronics. Using multiple bus interfaces, it can communicate simply and reliably with the higher-level control. Different output stages from 3.5A Peak to 9A Peak also make it possible to operate stepper motors of all sorts of power ranges. Because of the optional digital and analogue inputs/outputs, it is also possible to switch relays, process digital signal logic systems and read out external sensors, which means that the phyMOTION can even be considered as a stand-alone alternative in many cases.