TM StepDrive 1x24..48V/5A



Stepper motor driver with integrated power stage for SIMATIC ET 200®SP in coordination with Siemens

Controlling and driving stepper motors within a modular PLC system: The TM StepDrive technology guarantees a high-precision current adjustment and enables fine positioning up to 1/256 step (approx. 51,200 positions per revolution (0.0070°/step) with a 200 stepper motor).

Technical Details

  • Stepper motor controller with integrated power stage for SIMATIC ET 200®SP
  • The TM StepDrive 1x24..48V/5A module successfully completed the system compliance test performed by Siemens.
  • Suitable for bipolar control of 2 phase stepper motors with 4-,(6-) or 8 lead wiring 
  • 5 APEAK Phase current with 100 mA adjustable increments
  • Power supply from 24 to 48 VDC
  • up to 1/256 microstep
  • Physical resolution: approx. 51,200 positions per revolution (0.0070°/step). An encoder with a counter should be considered for micro positioning.
  • Maximum step frequency: 250,000 steps/sec
  • three digital inputs for limit and reference switches
  • Diagnostic LEDs (collective error, power supply, deactivation, digital input, motoris running)
  • two operating modes: positioning and technology object mode
  • two connection types: power stage and indexer
  • Online controller parameterising and diagnostic 
  • Programming via STEP®7, TIA Portal® (from version V15) or via GSD(ML) file
  • Operating temperature: 0 to +60 °C
  • Short-circuit-proof, overload-protected 
  • Approval: CE

Important:  the configuration files are not down-compatible.

SIMATIC®, ET 200®SP, STEP®7 and TIA Portal® are trade marks of the Siemens AG.


  • Packing Machinery
  • Measuring Systems
  • device-, machine- and plant manufacturing
  • labelling technology
  • post- and package handling
  • assembly automation