Electron Microscope

In materials research and in the life sciences, scanning electron and multiple ion beam microscopes make it possible to show surface information in material analyses, nanotechnology or semiconductor failure analyses in a high resolution and with outstanding material contrasts.

This analysis takes place with the exclusion of air at a high vacuum of 10-5 mbar.

Here, the samples to be analysed are moved around using ultra-precise, sometimes very complex 5-axis manipulators so that they can be observed multidimensionally – a mechanism that makes the use of what are already fast-wearing rotary feedthroughs in combination with standard non-vacuum motors almost impossible, since this would make the mechanism even more complex and very expensive.

For this reason and because of the superb smooth running, our prestigious customers rely on VSS/VSH in-vacuum stepper motors for the ultra-precise positioning of the samples to be analysed.