High precision stepper motor. Geometry and magnetisation optimised for smooth running

Phytron ZSS stepper motors (19 - 56 mm) offer high precision combined with smooth running. With up to 102.400 approachable positions (200-step motor, driven in micro stepping mode with 1/512 step resolution and encoder) the ZSS motor provides your application with high precision positioning capabilities. Based on it's geometry the ZSS series performs with a smooth low resonance running performance. Benefit from the low noise generation, the typical smooth running and the resulting optimal results, especially for optical high precision applications.

Technical Details

  • Two-phase hybrid stepper motors for unipolar or bipolar control mode
  • Holding torques from 3.8 to 700 mNm
  • Sizes ZSS 19 to 56 mm
  • Up to 3 motor types and 3 standard windings per size
  • Standard number of steps/rev.: 200, step angle: 1.8°
  • Special number of steps depending on the motor size
  • Minimum protection mode: IP40
  • Permissible ambient temperature: -30 °C to +80 °C
  • Optional: gear, motor brake, encoder, 2nd shaft, heat sink, coupling, etc.

Available Models

  • Sizes, numbers of steps, windings: see table in the data sheet
  • Free wire ends or protective cover, heat sink, 2nd shaft
  • Gear, motor brake, encoder