2-Phase-hybrid; ø 20 to 57 mm

The phySPACE Stepper Motor Series is the result of more than 30 years of space heritage and over 1000 Phytron motors in space. The phySPACE is built to resist vibrations, radiation and high temperature. Due to the ECSS conform materials the phySPACE fulfills the high requirements for usage in ultra high vacuum, while providing an optimum of power consumption, thermal dissipation, stray magnetic flux, high precision positioning long life and extreme robustness.

Technical Details

  • 2-phase-hybrid stepper motor
  • Holding torque from 3.1 to 420 mNm
  • Diameter from 20 to 57 mm
  • 200 fullsteps per revolution
  • Accuracy 5 % for 1.8°
  • Designed for shock and vibration loads
  • 4-leads parallel
  • Pre-outgassed
  • K-element integrated
  • -40 °C to +120 °C
  • Up to +200 °C winding temperature (short term)
  • Radiation resistent up to 106 J/kg
  • Outgassing temperature up to 200 °C (components)
  • Outgassing rates: TML <1 %, CVCM <0.1 % or better( <125 °C)

Upgrade Options:

  • Upgrade "light-Weight" : Housing and shaft made of titanium
  • Upgrade "radiation hardened" : Radiation resistent up to 106 J/kg due to special materials
  • Upgrade "space-testing" : Vibration test, shock, thermal cycling

Customised Solutions:

Based on our product series there is a large variety of additional options and solutions to create a perfect fit for your application. (Low temperatures, spindles, gears, second shaft end and more.) For more information on a selection of phytron's customised SPACE projects see here...


  • aerospace
  • navigation and scientific satellites
  • space probe
  • Mars Rover