smooth running and high-precision, for 24 to 70 VDC and 9 APEAK, with a step resolution up to 1/512

The ZMX+ is used in different fields of application: e.g. in inspection and test applications, labelling or packaging machines, in equipment manufacturing or in beamlines

Technical Details

  • 19'' stepper motor power stage for bipolar control of 2-phase stepper motors
  • The 32-pin connector model is pin-compatible with standard power stages on the market (e. g. DSR 92-70) and has the same functions
  • Motor currents up to 9 APEAK
  • Supply voltage 24 to 70 VDC
  • Step resolution: full step to 1/20 step (setting switch mode); up to 1/512 in the ServiceBus mode
  • Operation parameter setting: manual or online via ServiceBus
  • Easy configuration by software ServiceBusComm®
  • Design for simple mounting in 19" racks 3 U / 5 HP 

Available options:

  • 32-pin or 48-pin connector 
  • with or without electrical isolation
  • with or without ServiceBus  (RS485)

(The model with 32-pin connector, without electrical isolation and without ServiceBus is compatible to the previous ZMX)


  • vacuum systems
  • special machine construction
  • labelling technology
  • industrial 3D printing
  • beamlines
  • high-energy physics