The powerful stepper motor power stage MSX+ with supply voltage 60 to 120 VDC, up to 15 APEAK and ServiceBus in 19" sub rack

As a powerful stepper motor power stage the MSX is suitable for up to 800 Watts shaft power, especially for the handling of discrete components and machine service tasks as well as for high-throughput sorting and as-sembly machinery.



Technical Details

  • Plug-in stepper motor power stage for bipolar control of 2 phase stepper motors
  • up to 15 APEAK maximum phase current
  • Supply voltage 60 to 120 VDC
  • Step resolution from full step to 1/20 step
  • Parameterising and diagnostics online with ServiceBus-CommTM
  • Improvement of run and acceleration behaviour: Current Shaping or Blow Up
  • Electrically isolated Open-Collector inputs for 5 to 24 V input level: Control pulses, Motor direction, Boost and Activation 
  • Electrically isolated outputs:  Basic position, Error
  • Easy-to-mount plug-in board for 19" / 3 U sub-rack

 Options available

  • activated Reset input
  • 5 V input level
  • 24 V input level