phyLOGICTM ToolBox




Communication software for stepper motor controller

phyLOGICTM ToolBox is a Phytron software for Windows® PC to operate and program the phyMOTIONTM stepper motor control unit.
phyLOGICTM ToolBox supports MiniLog programming of Phytron's phyMOTIONTM stepper motor control unit and administers programs, parameter and register lists - easily and quickly.

Technical Details

  • Operating software and development environment for the phyMOTIONTM phytron controller
  • Easy to program: Drawing and converting from 2D contours in phyLOGICTM instructions (Motion Creator)
  • Parameterising, creating programs, editing, debugging
  • Support in the initiation phase e.g. by test functions
  • Display of statuses and graphical representation of a current XY position
  • Archiving of parameter sets and programs
  • Existing MiniLog programs are ported with minimal changes


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