75 years of "driving" ambition

Those who concern themselves with movement, should themselves not stand still.

A conviction that Phytron, since its foundation, always keeps in mind. And quite successful: In six decades we have grown from a small development office into a leading international manufacturer with the widest range of stepper motors and stepper motor power stages. The inventive further development of our sophisticated products has always occupied a strong place in the market. And we proceed consistently in this way, as we look to the future.

For high valued drive solutions that are always looking ahead.

Milestones of Success

1947 Phytron is founded:

Siegfried Auerhammer establishes the radio laboratory "Ing. S. Auerhammer" for physical and electronic appliances. The name phytron originates from this. The first products are Geiger counters, seismographs and spectral radio devices.

1948 Good chemistry with ASI:

The spectral radio device is used to determine concentration and quantity of chemical substances.

1952 Elphot III brings illumination:

The spectral line photometer helps for instance to determine the purity of groceries.

1958 Fast Runner:

The multipolar synchronous motors provide the rapid speed of grinding spindles. Production of the first small series and training of the first apprentices (more than 70 to date).

1962 Phytron introduces itself:

With power units, battery chargers as well as electronic voltage regulators and motor regulators, the first large product line under the trademark 'phytron' is introduced.

1964 Phytron’s premiere:

First product line of synchronous and stepper motors ZSS and ZSH.

1968 PMS 221f and FGSJ 700:

These models combine high working frequency with compact size and modest weight.


Ingrid Auerhammer, wife of the founder, takes over in the newly established phytron Elektronik GmbH the production of stepper motors, power stages and controllers. In addition, phytron expands the production area from 340m2 to 1200m2.

1973 PGSJ 208 to the PGSJ 1508:

The choppered stepper motor power stages make for an individual switching capacity of 200 to 1500 Watts.

1975 Phytron develops:

Setting up a separate development department for drive engineering products.


Heribert Schmid, enters the company and in 1978 takes over the technical management. In the following years, axis controllers, positioning controllers, stepper motor power stages with integrated axis controllers for connections to BUS systems, as well as motors for use under extreme conditions, are developed.

1983 A state of independence:

The innovative stepper motor controller is freely programmable and capable of serving up to eight axis.

1984 A launch into the vacuum:

The first vacuum motors are produced.

1990 The quiet SMD series:

In the new stepper motor power stages, the chopper frequency is raised to 18 kHz and standstill noises are eliminated.


ISO 9001 certification as one of the 1000 first companies in Germany.

1996 The new benchmark:

Our stepper motor controllers with patented current regulation for wall and rack installation are considered groundbreaking at the market.


Expansion of the working areas to 4500 m2 for production, development and administration.


DIN EN 46001 certification for manufacturing of equipment and motors for specific medical requirements

2000 GCD MINI talks plain:

Introduction of a stepper motor power stage with axis controller, parallel port and plain text display.


Birgit Hartmann, daughter of Ingrid Auerhammer, takes over the strategic duties of commercial management. The phytron enterprise passes to the next generation.

2004 PSM marks a new era:

With the supply of servomotors, phytron widens its product spectrum to also include combinations of stepper- and servomotors.

2006 MR 8A Minirack assures comfort:

The multiple-axis solution for up to eight stepper motor power stages and Servicebus offers simple operation with online monitoring.

2007 MSX MINI defines the progress:

The Ministep power stage with selectable phase current profile is a leap into the next generation.

2007 Distinction:

As Top-Job-Employer 2007 phytron demonstrates its engagement with the, at present, 106 employees. Phytron is a member of the civic foundation for the Fürstenfeldbruck district and is since long time strongly committed to the improvement in-plant environmental protection.

2008 continuing the heritage:

Johannes Schmid, the son of Heribert Schmid, joined the company at the end of 2006 and takes over the company's technical management.
Phytron welcomes and embraces the next generation.

2011 Cutting-edge techonology for Siemens:

Market introduction of the 1-Step-Drive 5A-48V, developed for the Siemens SIMATIC ET 200 S. The module accomplished the system complience test by Siemens and can be integrated seamlessly into the ET 200 S using STEP 7 or TIA Portal. The module is directly distributed by phytron.

2012 DMP inertial dampers, a well-roundet concept:

Market introduction of the DMP inertial dampers for stepper motors. The inertial dampers shorten the settling time, optmise the operating performance in the resonance ranges to prevent the loss of torque and reduce operating noise. The dampers are compatible with our standard stepper motors mounted at the rear shaft with rear plate fixings.

2012 phyMOTION® - the next controller generation:

Market introduction of the phyMOTION®: The freely programmable multi-axes motion controller integrates high performance drive capabilities (multi-axes synchronisation and interpolation) with PLC functionality (I/Os, modularity, fieldbus) for stepper motor driven applications in industry or science.

2012 Phytron on Mars:

Phytron's VSS stepper motors enhance Curiosity's vision: phytron's VSS technology focuses the laser light and the analysis camera inside the ChemCam instrument on the sample. The VSS stepper motor series excels in reliability, durability, vacuum compatibility and minimal outgassing rates. The VSS motor is optimised for mechanical friendly smooth running and is capable of precise positioning even without feedback or complex electronics.

2012 APS - power stage module for highest requirements:

Market introduction of the APS technology as OEM modules.The APS module is a highly efficient power stage for 2 phase stepper motors (5 APEAK, 24-70 VDC) with a size of only 40 x 60 mm. The power stage provides a resolution of 1/512 micro step and can be paramaterised online and adjusted via SPI interface. The module boasts low heat loss and highly precise power adjustment for exact positioning.

2013: Change of name: Phytron-Elektronik GmbH is now called Phytron GmbH

Since 01.08.2013 the company name of our operative division is "Phytron GmbH". Why we don't use the suffix "electronics" any more:
Phytron combines physics & electronics - that is our company's very nature. Our product portfolio includes power stages and controllers and precision positioning motors, for example for use in gas mixers, manipulators or in satellite optics. For our customers we develop, design and manufacture tailor made automation solutions for various applications - from agricultural machinery to particle accelerators. The limiting suffix Phytron "- Elektronik" therefore is no longer needed.

2013: Phytron GmbH wins Stemas AG as shareholder

The Munich-based industrial holding Stemas AG (www.stemas.de) has acquired a 51% stake in Phytron GmbH (http://www.phytron.eu). The founding families members Managing Director Birgit Hartmann and the confidential clerk Johannes Schmid are happy about the new co-partner and the obtained long-term security for the company.

Phytron is thus part of a strong group of medium-sized industrial enterprises, which act independently in the market and benefit from each other. The now seven companies in the portfolio of Stemas AG (in 2013 with about 430 employees and EUR 56 million turnover) - work primarily in the fields of industrial electronics and mechanics. With this support, the Phytron GmbH will develop and expand the good position on the world market for stepper motors and drive electronics.

2016: Phytron GmbH – Certified under DIN EN 9100 for the Aerospace Industry

Since 29 January 2016, Phytron GmbH has been certified under DIN EN 9100 forthe aerospace industry and has thus been added to the OASIS database of around 400 approved aerospace suppliers worldwide. This certification is the result of the continuous refocussing of our traditional firm to become a future-oriented high-tech company. As part of the process of certification by AIRCERT,
the company's quality management system that has been built up over the last decades was successfully reviewed.

2018: Executive management change

On 15 August Dr Robert Stösser joined Phytron as Managing Director, and will replace Birgit Hartmann, who will leave the company at the end of October 2018.