Precision. Reliability. High Dynamics.

Whether in the positioning of sleds, moving of pressure drums, or in the handling of postage sorting devices − continuously high and dependable achievements are required.

Roubust. Powerful. Reliable.

Challenging applications in mechanical engineering and industry. Robust design for environments up to IP 68 for example: in air chambers, adjustment of the paper thickness in the paper industry, in the adjustment of rotor blades in aviation, directly in fuel tanks. In these and other environments, Phytron's stepping motors and controls for HARSH Environments provide accurate and reliable work.

Harsh. Robust. Trustable.

Thermal fluctuation from -270 °C to extreme heat, heavy contamination and nuclear radiation – these are inhumane conditions that occur for example in climate chambers, or in the paper industry, when adjusting the bulk, and in the aviation industry, when modifying the blades of a helicopter.

Wide Temperature Range. Minimised Outgassing Rates.

In order to keep a vacuum pure, the influence of the utilised motors must be held as low as possible in order to produce neither particles nor emissions that would cloud the clear impression of the vacuum.

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