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ServiceBus-Comm  is a program surface provided by Phytron for graphical interaction between a PC and the Phytron power stage world. Operation parameters can be edited in choice boxes and transmitted to the power stages via ServiceBus instructions. Feedback of up to 32 axes is evaluated and graphically displayed.

ServiceBus-Comm Key Features:

Determining and optimizing operation parameters

Especially during the first commissioning of a machine, operation parameters of a power stage and of the drive system can be easily edited by means of the graphical program surface. Parameters can be transmitted directly or in parameter set packages. Test functions are available for direct execution.

Graphical user interface

The graphical user interface can be intuitively operated. Programming skills are not required.

Online status monitoring of up to 32 axes

During operation, up to 32 axes can be monitored at a glance in a status window . Error states – short circuit, over temperature, low voltage and others – are intuitively represented by red or green status displays.

Online intervention option up to 32 axes

At any time, changing from monitoring mode to intervention mode is possible. This way provides a very fast action upon the system to, for example, temporarily raise the boost current of one axis.

„One Click“ recovery during service

After restarting the system, reset or exchange of a power stage, the proper parameter sets can be uploaded immediately to the power stages. Production can be restarted at once and without the bother of generating new parameters.

Documentation assistance and project-related archival storage

The established parameter sets can be saved and stored for each single axis or for a complete project of up to 32 axes. Now all settings of the entire system are documented and can be recovered at any time with a click.

More information about ServiceBus and ServiceBus-Comm is available under Download "ServiceBus Presentation".

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