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The ServiceBus protocol provides an extensive instruction set for bidirectional communication between Phytron +power stages and the PC or controller world. The physical connection can be made via USB, CAN, RS232 or RS485 depending on the type of power stage.

The ServiceBus protocol contains instructions for setting power stage operation parameters, reading parameters, status or e. g. error messages in up to 32 power stages. This powerful tool enables implementation of different individual functions.

Some Examples:
  • Monitoring
  • Remote diagnostics
  • Remote intervention
  • Functions for conditional parameter change
  • ... etc.

In addition to a graphical implementation of the ServiceBus in the ServiceBus-Comm software, the ServiceBus instructions can also be integrated in customer specific programs at PC or controller level.

ServiceBus Key Features:

Flexibility in integrating ServiceBus instructions

ServiceBus instructions are accessable from theServiceBus-Comm Phytron standard software environment or can be implemented in customer specific PC programs (e.g. LabView, Hyper Terminal or C) or at controller level.

Evaluating the feedback of +power stages

If required, the power stages send feedback to the controller about operation parameters, system or error states. This way, monitoring functions and status overviews of up to 32 axes can be visualized or directly be evaluated by the controller program. Even remote diagnostic functions can be implemented.

Setting power stage operation parameters

By ServiceBus instructions, operation parameters can be comfortably set at a PC or controller. No switch settings at the power stage. Parameterizing from a PC helps, especially during commissioning, to determine and optimize operation parameters. Also, inputs and outputs can be defined, conditional parameterizing carried out or defined parameter sets can be loaded into up to 32 power stages. Remote control via the internet is possible too.

Implementing test functions

Test functions for assisting commissioning or service can be installed. For these purposes, motor direction of rotation, power stage temperature and several other values are accessible.

Parameter upload during field service

After a reset (e.g. after exchanging a power stage), the machine controller uploads the correct parameter set to the power stage. Production is continued automatically and with minimum downtime.

Power Stages with ServiceBus functions:

  • MCD+
  • ZMX+
  • ZMX2+
  • MSX+
  • MSD2+